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TIPS: Expenses & Making Cash

PostPosted: Wed 25 Mar 2015, 22:42
by Dark_Wolf

In case it's not clear yet, stuff online costs a f**k load! It's not that easy making a ton of cash (hopefully more so from heists, not tried them yet). Other than missions, which are the best method, there are a few things you can do in freemode:

- Securicar - the old favourite is back. Every now and then you'll get a notification and map blip telling you a truck is nearby. Now this can be pretty hectic with non-crew members online as everyone is fighting for the cash. These can give you a lot of cash! You could steal them and drive away from cops until you lose wanted stars etc. That's not the most efficient way. Hopefully, you'll be the first to reach it and everything will be nice and quiet. Things don't kick off until you interact with it so take your time to do this right.

Chuck a C4 pack to the back doors. DO NOT detonate it if it's in heavy traffic, near other vehicles. They will likely blow up, taking the Securicar with them and you will lose the cash. Best to get ahead in traffic so it's only you behind them and leave a decent gap. Once you detonate, your wanted will go up, but most of the time the van will drive off (e.g. they won't get out to shoot you) and dump the cash in the road. Grab it and get the fk out of there! This is when hideouts and escape routes are extremely helpful. If you don't have much backup e.g. someone to extract you from a rooftop in a heli, best method is get down into a subway and run along the tracks or drive into a tunnel. Eventually, you'll survive :D

- Armed Robbery - the stores I mentioned in combat where you buy candy from can also be held up. You're supposed to wear a mask so they don't recognise you, but I've not had any issues myself. Key thing here is good planning. Don't go in guns drawn / blazing. Make sure you have the weapon you want (I like AP Pistol) ready and then immediately aim at shop keeper. He will start withdrawing cash, now if you have a headset you can shout at him to make him move quicker, but my preferred method is start shooting the shit out of everywhere e.g. the bottles behind him. He will chuck cash at you. Keep your gun trained on him and back at the store quickly. There is every chance he may draw on you and try to take you out. Avoid killing him if you can as will just make you more wanted. Now get the fk out of there quick. Always have vehicle out front and leave quickly before cops get there.

- Bounties - aside from players placing bounties on you, if you steal cars you may get them from NPC owners ranging from $1k to $9k. You will become a red blip on map e.g. Most Wanted and all players online will come for you. Now your crew members can take you out and claim it themselves, but what's more fun is if you survive long enough, the player with the bounty will get the cash themselves so crew can keep them alive instead.

- Paint 'n' Spray - as I've mentioned previously, you can sell one vehicle every hour or so. Sell the Gallivante Baller SUV. $9k a pop :D

Re: TIPS: Expenses & Making Cash

PostPosted: Wed 25 Mar 2015, 23:13
by aNdReSk
Goddamn, I'm so stealing the crap out of every securicar I see.

ANy news on drugs? (yes)

Re: TIPS: Expenses & Making Cash

PostPosted: Wed 25 Mar 2015, 23:16
by Dark_Wolf
Yes and no. You can smoke bongs in your apartment and get drunk, which is quite fun. You can't buy/sell them in freemode, though a lot of missions (especially early ones) involve ambushing drug deals and stealing their drugs.

Oh you just made me forget one thing I need to add to the Properties tips :)