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TIPS: Properties

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TIPS: Properties

PostWed 25 Mar 2015, 21:44


NOTE: feel free to add any properties you think stand out for you and want to highlight.

Since you'll mostly have a huge amount of startup cash from preordering, thought I'd cover this one first. There are a range of properties you can buy from garages, shitty apartment blocks, small houses and luxury apartments. Each option comes with its own garage with the max being 10 vehicles.

You can now have a maximum of 3 properties! :D
Spreading these out is probably best as you can choose at any time which property you want to spawn at.

The luxury apartments are the only ones that have the noticeboards required to initiate heist missions and are only available in Los Santos of course.

The most important note I can make is take your time to choose! Pick an area of the map you like best and youtube any apartment (if you care about views and interior) to ensure you don't waste any cash. You can't view them ingame before buying and if you part-trade against another property, it's only to half the value you originally paid. I think they renewed the interiors for the brand new apartments they added, but I don't know what they're like. The new ones they added had worse interiors (IMO) than the original ones.

Everyone has their own favourites and criteria so it's really up to you. These are my choices:

- Luxury Apartment - Weazel Plaza (think flat 101), which not only overlooks the movie studio lot, but also has views of the beach and the standard 10-car garage. It's a really nice private offroad garage area (so apartments you drive straight out onto main roads) and great access to everywhere, including paint 'n' spray.

- 10-car garage - in East LS round the corner from another paint 'n' spray I purely use for selling cars (more on this later)

- House with a 6-car garage all the way up north out of LS.

Before you buy, look at what you have around you as well such as shops, ammu-nation, paint 'n' spray, helipad spawn points and good escape routes from cops / violent players.

FYI there are no helipads for any property. The way you get purchased helis is different to having a stored location (more on this later).

Whilst I'll cover vehicles later, just wanted to note that you have a Mechanic contact. He will deliver any vehicle you want from any property you have. Generally, you need to be roadside or he'll call you back and say he can't reach you. Bear this in mind when selling cars as sometimes safest option.

Another thing to mention is that it's worthwhile visiting the strip club and having lapdances to make the girls like you enough. Once you fill up the "like" meter, they will give you their number and you can call them over to your apartment (seems to be luxury ones only) and they will give whoever wants lapdances :D
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Re: TIPS: Properties

PostSat 04 Apr 2015, 01:51

I guess this means I'm having hookers and weed at my place 24/7

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