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Crew Members

Discuss anything about the crew here.
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Crew Members

PostSat 12 Oct 2013, 11:31


We'll have a list of Crew Members and their Gamertags here because sometimes gamertags don't relate to people's nick on this forum. Oh, and it's nice to have a memberlist.
Please reply to this thread stating your Gamertag AND Social Club ID and I will try to keep an updated list on who is who.

If there is no Social Club ID stated for a member, use the Gamertag as Social Club ID.

Don't forget to fill in your Gamertag in the profile field here.

XBOX360 Crew Members:
FrankZZ (Gamertag: FrankZZ91, Social Club: FrankZZ) Crew Founder/XBOX360 Leader
Hans (Gamertag: Hansss84) Original Chillpoint Community Founder
congested (Gamertag: "Frankly speakin", Social Club: congested)
Fargo (Gamertag: Fargo87)

PS3 Crew Members:
Dark_Wolf (Gamertag Dark_WolfUK) PS3 Leader
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Re: Crew Members

PostTue 31 Dec 2013, 06:19

PSN ID: Inzann
Social Club: Inzann
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Re: Crew Members

PostWed 25 Mar 2015, 22:53

Frank - can we update this one please so that we now focus on unifying us all on PC once again? :D

Might be worth posting all the players we currently have listed on the crew hierarchy and working out who's who and clean it up. I know I've got a few mates that won't be involved so will take them off myself.

I'm not sure what gamertag the PC version will take, whether it's Social Club or maybe Steam?

No rush, but would be good to have a spring clean. I'm not expecting everyone to be 100% active as we all have lives. I know I won't be around a lot of weekends like I used to, but should be during the week for now.

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