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The forum rules apply to all parts of the forum and site, including the Shoutbox and private forums. Breaking these rules will usually lead to a yellow card warning and continuous breaking will lead to a site ban and even a server ban.

All rules are subject to admin judgment.

1. No Insulting

Be respectful of peoples ideas and comments. Rude, insulting and provocative comments are not allowed Do not use the forums to insult others outside the Chillpoint community such as other SA:MP servers or players. These rules extend to sites outside the forums such as YouTube and other SA:MP sites. If the admins feel you are misrepresenting Chillpoint, you may be banned. It is up to the admins to determine if you are being insulting or not and any say on the matter is final.

2. No Foul Language

Excessive foul language and curse words are not permitted. What is considered excessive is up to admin's discretion.

3. English Only

As in the server, all public posts should be in English. You are free to speak languages other than English in PMs and the private forums, but English only everywhere else.

4. Hotlinking Images

If you are going to be posting an image from another site, please save it and upload it to Imageshack or another image host rather then using a direct link to the image, unless the site specifies you may hotlink to them. Hotlinking steals a website's bandwidth without giving them traffic, plus it leaves it open to them changing the picture to something we don't want on our own site.

5. No Porn/Lewd Images

Do not post images that may be considered pornographic, offensive, insulting or lewd. It is up to the admins discretion to decide what falls into this category.

6. Bumping Old Threads

If a thread is beyond the 5th or 6th page of a forum or is older than week, please do not post in it, especially something pointless and off-topic

7. No Spam

Always stay on the topic of the thread, do not post the same post in multiple threads, do not advertise other sites, do not use spam bots on the forum. This also includes advertising. Do not advertise on the forums or via private messages.

8. No Warez

Do not post or discuss warez or illegal downloading of files on the forums.

9. Reports and Bans

Keep discussions about reports and bans either in their respective forums. Discussion about bans and reports in the shoutbox or anywhere else lessens your chance of being heard, and may lead to your ban being extended to the site. Do not post in other people's ban appeal threads. Only the person banned and the admins may post in those threads.

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